Sunday, February 23, 2014

out with the old, in with the new...

My favorite photo of the rocker. This image is from my living room when i was in Tarifa, Spain.
I found the fabric on a fabric trip to Casablanca in 2006.

a faux fur sample made for my french buyer, shooky. 
a limited edition which hung in the master bedroom, looks fantastic.

i have custom made bohorocker lounge chairs for hotels. this one is hung in Patagonia, Chile.

my andrea, modeling our favorite indian made lilac and magenta brushed cotton chair, taken in pondycherry in 2006

At Bohorockers we have spent years trying to make the best possible stands to hang the chair from. We have tried so many designs but mostly in wood and metal…but always ending in a compromise which sent me back to the drawing board. My new design made from oxidized mild steel has had to respect all the other stand manufacturers out there and not copy them…so it is exciting to have caught a design in the wind which is so functional, striking and strong. 

The NEW Bohorocker stand made from oxidized mild steel coated in transparent acrylic, with an oak wood foot plate. 
Its angles frame the rocker. After making stands for 10 years it is so surprising on having a product design lift how long it took to get here….but that is the nature of the creative process!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

who wouldn't want one.

The new year is a time for change…and change has come to Bohorockers. I am presently updating my website and launching my new line of chairs and supports for 2014 on the British market for the first time.  This is my 10th year of making the chairs…I had a couple of years off 2009 -2011….and started again in october 2012 in the UK....since coming back I have developed and ironed out all the compromise in the design. I guess some of that was changing from living on the beach, to coming back to the UK, and upping my game, both in making a robust no compromise chair with better materials…but also more importantly…that after years of making the freestanding hammock support, using woods and metals in many different shapes with all kinds of problems, nearly giving up as my buyers made there own stands…I caught a design in the wind recently which is THE ONE! a unique design that stands out of the crowd of chair hammock supports… now I nearly there…. I have my unique design chair with unique design stand….. I am just finishing the metal coating as we speak.

the 2014 collection is by far the best ever I have made.

I have a photo shoot coming up in Brighton to launch the new product line ready for spring 2014. Looking at the product it has come such a long way since I begun in 2002, yet it is still the same chair shape. I am wishing the new designs appeal to the british outdoor lifestyle vibe…and these models catch the imagination of the global market….guessing this is my 2014 mission statement….!!!!

Call out to journalists….wishing Bohorockers inspire your attention…who wouldn't want one?

Rock on 2014 !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

exhibition custom yurt

the new expo tent. 435 cm diameter with an open front. the chair hammock hangs from the centre, showing the possibilities and best use of the siesta chair. 
when at a trade, garden, lifestyle show the tent does not have all the black lights etc. there are also 2 hammocks in stands shown in the tent. the photos shown are in the gong bath tent application for festivals. this is a water ritual, empowering water with a suggestion and experiencing a sound journey as one deeply relaxes. the tent in theis application has black uv lights, red led lights...and is best at night, though also awakening in the day. an ideal festival experience. both applications as a tent for selling my siesta chairs and water ritual can be done together when appropriate!

any of you remember the gong baths i used to do? after years off, i have brought it back adding a deeper structure to create anything you can wish for.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

10th anniversary sale.

                                   Bohorockers siesta chair 10th anniversary sale:

 this is the moment....

 one off models for hanging from a beam, ready made....

get comfy, swing to the rhythm. bohemian rocking chairs.

thanks for all of you who helped make Siesta Chairs swing since 2003.

                     email :  with a post code to estimate delivery costs.
                                                             may all who sit be happy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

new beginnings

Having been off air for sometime now as I reorganise my life after one of those entrepreneur life collapse experiences being tricked out of 2 years of work by someone I trusted, I find myself living in the UK, in the countryside around Brighton. Don't worry, I do not feel a victim, though I have learnt alot about that age old saying, "just let go"

It has been a busy year after leaving Tarifa, Spain. I fell in love, went to India, made new products, moved to the UK...and most of all put lots of energy into the Bohorocker siesta chair that had had 2 years of neglect. There is a new website and I hope to add to this blog, particularly sound recording some vision journeys onto this blog for you to sit back in one of my chairs and journey inside and outside. I qualified years ago, pre hammock, as a hypnotherapist amongst other therapist skills, but always been fascinated by the power of suggestion...and now 43 have found the inspiration to use this skill again...and no better format than this blog and no better environment to receive than floating in the siesta chair.

In this time I have a new hammock stand that finally spins 360º sitting on a car bearing...and a new range of fabrics for the chairs having found faux fur and acrylic weather resistant fabrics.

Coming to the UK after living by the beach is a tough call and takes some readjustment !!!  but I have sewn some good seeds for spring 2013 and feel excited as to the future.

in my 20's I heard alot about that magical date 21.12.2012...about some change of consciousness, to be open to it and not let it pass me by. So what happened to you? i have been open and i make my own reality by the choices I make. Seems in my reality there is a window of opportunity that opened on that day...on one level it is great to be passed that mythical date feeling free and on the other side, to know there is truth in everything...we just have to know what is right in front of our faces but somehow can not see.  that window was to open me to a larger potential. has anything changed? Maybe yes. I think it has, and I must remember to acknowledge that. All this is a personal thing i guess, we are a sum total of our beliefs...and i make my own path in walking, so i choose what i experience...and so do you.

this sounds a good way to start the blog. laying down a bohorocker path in walking and move forward into 2013 with a sense of inner calm. may all who read this be filled with a suggestion from the matrix movie, in the next 15 minutes you will feel a spark of joy spread through your body....

happy 2013 to all.....!!

my sewing workshop, same same, but a different landscape outside the door!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

turkmenistan ger for sale:

18 ft. Turkmenistan Ger hand crafted as a wedding gift.

A unique one off, 133 roof rib ger or as known in europe "yurt". the yurt comes with wood base and white wood floor. 2 doors, velcro wall opening system. felt insulation. inner cover lining. olive green outer amazing opurtunity to buy a one off collector yurt unavailable on the market. there is more than 3 times the amount of wood as a regular yurt.
to lie in bed and look up at the roof is something very special....this yurt is not for moving around like the others can be, this is more permanent. it is very beautiful and calming to be inside. it could suit a hotel as a romantic getaway....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bohorocker Turkoman Yurt sale.

Bohorocker turkoman yurts for sale.

17ft. diameter dense trellis 65 roof rib yurt frame and outer covers.
5000 GBP

An oppurtunity to buy my collection of tents. Cheaper than any others of the same style and volume of wood. They are at different levels of completion from finished with doors, insulation, inner covers with wood floor boards on a wood base to just the frame with scottish poly cotton fabric covers in beige with white walls. I have made the yurts for both the Yurt Hotel in cortes, known as afghani and the yurts for La Huerta yurts in gaucin known as uzbek...i guess calling them philips yurts or bohorocker yurts is not as glamourous? As I have been not selling yurts for some years until now, I have helped a number of people buy yurts, giving advice and making and fixing covers. I recently worked with Yurts Tarifa helping them make there frames, giving them templates to work from and advise and then sewing up the covers.

I have 3 five meter diameter yurts, which is the ideal size for a bedroom, though also the sacred geometry makes for an ideal yoga meditation space, art space. Yurts are made in different ways. The more known mongolian yurts are made from split poles and straight roof ribs with 30cm gaps between the trellis walls and supporting storm poles in the middle,the crown is small and nipple like in its conal tent shape, made often with inferior canvas from mongolia that black spots very quickly. The bohorocker turkoman yurt is made with a very dense trellis...15cm gap between the trellis walls therefore using 5 wall pieces per 5 meter tent and 65 roof ribs. the roof ribs are all steam bent to create a dome. this creates more weight and a better shape for weather, therefore not needing central poles. The canvas is all fire water rot proof made in scotland. it is important to understand the difference. It is very quick to make the mongolian style and much cheaper due to alot less wood. one pays more for mine than cheaper imports but they will last you a lifetime and be a sacred possession.

I also have 2 four meter bohorocker turkoman yurts for sale, which join together either as 2 or as 2 yurts off a central half open living space....this style is known as a multi yurt. one could join together all of my yurts if you like!!!

I got into yurts back in 1997 when I saw a yurt at glastonbury festival that looked fabulous and bought a pamphlet on how to build. I wanted to do a ski season and did not fancy sharing a tiny space with others with smelly socks on the radiatior and thought this ideal. I cut down sweet chestnut wood by hand on the side of the M2 motorway in kent and left it to season while I went to india for 6 months. When I returned I was visiting some friends in the cotswolds and the mentioned there was a local man making yurts, so I cycled over to his workshop and was met with the guru of yurt makers, Hal Wynn-Jones who seems to have taught all the main people in the uk of this craft. He allowed me to do a day for a day and make a yurt, so I took me from may to november, on and off. In this time got a Princes Trust grant to make the ski season happen, making a massage business I called Karmachanic Energy Works, which paid for the stove, covers, snowboard and bits to make it all happen. In the end I had a beautiful hand crafted 14 ft turkoman ger and had a very successful season in Val D'isere, with my yurt submerged in the snow at 1800m!

So I did my season and then travelled around for the summer of 1999 participating in healing circles at festivals leading up to the eclipse in Cornwall. As the winter approached I headed to Bethlehem for millenium and left my yurt in the uk, but all the time I had been using it in many applications....when i returned from this area, I quickly ended up at the Hurricane Hotel gardens in Tarifa, Spain with my yurt, practising my form of massage. People saw this tent and begun asking me for them. I begun a project for a friend, which involved me going to Scotland to buy 3 Turkmenistan yurts made as a wedding gift for someone then imported to Scotland. I sold 2 and kept one....this one you can see on the other blog post.

In all this I met 2 scottish men who dealt with goods from Afghanistan. I spoke to them about creating a new project to teach a village in the north of the country to make me 15 yurts. I sent out all the detailed instructions and borax and other bits to make them properly. They had once made yurts in this village but had forgotten the art, so we were trying to bring it back. When the container arrived in spain the work was not good enough....all the roof ribs had been steam bent in different I had to regrade all 15 and customise them up to standard. This was not as easy a business as I had hoped....but still the willow was very good quality and once graded and reworked looked amazing. We did not continue with this due to the Taliban change of policy and other difficulties of exporting. So I sold afew to the hooppee yurt hotel, a belgium fire walking workshop site and la huerta yurt hotel as well as acouple to friends and kept 5 myself for one day having my own yurt hotel.
This yurt hotel begun in 2009 at los baños de la luz, saladaviciosa and I worked for the past 2 years making a yurt hotel single handed only to find my lazy business partner had pulled me down a cul de sac, hoping to have all my work for free..thinking me as the guy who comes to save his opposed to a business for both of us......rather than loose everything to him I have decided to sell my work so I can continue my life really hurts to sell after the work i have put in....but hey.....i am sure there are other things on the horizon..... my yurty story....i am keeping 2 for me and hoping to find good homes with people who care. They can be put up in an hour or so...or be semi permanent...but they can not just be left alone....they need human presence ....after a rainfall in winter the doors need to be this my yurt frames will last you a lifetime and bring endless joy as they will be used for so many different applications...

you can contact me via email:

p.s. can deliver anywhere. within reason i am happy to come and erect the yurt for you and give you a class in maintenance.