Wednesday, January 29, 2014

who wouldn't want one.

The new year is a time for change…and change has come to Bohorockers. I am presently updating my website and launching my new line of chairs and supports for 2014 on the British market for the first time.  This is my 10th year of making the chairs…I had a couple of years off 2009 -2011….and started again in october 2012 in the UK....since coming back I have developed and ironed out all the compromise in the design. I guess some of that was changing from living on the beach, to coming back to the UK, and upping my game, both in making a robust no compromise chair with better materials…but also more importantly…that after years of making the freestanding hammock support, using woods and metals in many different shapes with all kinds of problems, nearly giving up as my buyers made there own stands…I caught a design in the wind recently which is THE ONE! a unique design that stands out of the crowd of chair hammock supports… now I nearly there…. I have my unique design chair with unique design stand….. I am just finishing the metal coating as we speak.

the 2014 collection is by far the best ever I have made.

I have a photo shoot coming up in Brighton to launch the new product line ready for spring 2014. Looking at the product it has come such a long way since I begun in 2002, yet it is still the same chair shape. I am wishing the new designs appeal to the british outdoor lifestyle vibe…and these models catch the imagination of the global market….guessing this is my 2014 mission statement….!!!!

Call out to journalists….wishing Bohorockers inspire your attention…who wouldn't want one?

Rock on 2014 !