Tuesday, April 9, 2013

exhibition custom yurt

the new expo tent. 435 cm diameter with an open front. the chair hammock hangs from the centre, showing the possibilities and best use of the siesta chair. 
when at a trade, garden, lifestyle show the tent does not have all the black lights etc. there are also 2 hammocks in stands shown in the tent. the photos shown are in the gong bath tent application for festivals. this is a water ritual, empowering water with a suggestion and experiencing a sound journey as one deeply relaxes. the tent in theis application has black uv lights, red led lights...and is best at night, though also awakening in the day. an ideal festival experience. both applications as a tent for selling my siesta chairs and water ritual can be done together when appropriate!

any of you remember the gong baths i used to do? after years off, i have brought it back adding a deeper structure to create anything you can wish for.