Sunday, July 19, 2009

silla colgante- the bohomian rocking way!

my bedroom with a huelva spanish leather boho custom chair inside a 6m diameter 133 roof rib turkoman yurt.

I have been making these chairs now for 9 years. the design is celebrated by all my clients and copiers. They are like the traditional hammock chairs but the euro luxury version... I use higher quality fabrics and sew in the cushions and have designed my integrated leg extension and use 3 layers of fabrics, with a much wider hanging posture. For the people who have sat in them, they become a celebrated bit of kit. I sell the brushed cotton cream or orange models which are made by my production in india. However I am always producing one offs from selected fabrics I find in my travels...using spanish leather, faux leather and suedes and anything else that takes my fancy. As well I make them using others fabric. i am based in spain but have bohorockers going all over the world. i am always making one offs and special custom stands for clients.

I have begun making the designer uber cool good as i can imagine and iconic peice with an iconic price! my friends have been telling me for years to make the expensive no compromise design model that David Beckham would buy ...when one lives in tarifa with so little money floating in the system and then one goes to design studios in hamburg and see simple stuff for 4000 euro, ones jaw drops....and in my case i wondered what i have been doing struggling with a retail price of 330 including 20% and freight charges for my bohorocker siesta chair and stand. my new chair has no compromise and all the comments you have suggested to me in the past i have acted on.

it is a funny industry, the hammock world....there are so many subgroups on this planet. there are all the normal rivalries and hammock wars, but in such a long history being documented since the 1700's hammocks have not come very far in design. the bohorocker is a make over or a hybrid of the traditional hammocks made to a size that fits into the modern home and garden.
unlike some of the ignorant individuals who copy me, but do not have them in there houses...i made these ultimately for me to find a cosy refuge....and i have always had them everywhere around my house and in all my friends homes!!!!

the chair is like a cosy cocoon....ideal to flop inside take a deep breath and float to the other side...may all who sit be delightfully happy...if you have some extra money in this crisis time i recommend my hanging chairs, rather than on a stand....put hooks around the house...they look super cool aethetic in a house, have a greater swing arc and are cheaper...i have a limited collection of all cream chairs...going going gone....

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